Langkawi Sky Bridge/Cable Car

Langkawi Sky Bridge
Langkawi Sky Bridge

One of the best attraction that you must put in things to do list.

You can spend all the day in that place as it has seven different activities ( skycab , skydome, skyrex, skybridge, skytrial , 6D cinemotion, 3D Art Langwaki and time travel ).

You will enjoy :

  1. SkyCab: Three stations of cable car will reach you to the longest free span and curved  bridge in the world (base station, middle station and top station) with 360º view, you will be above the clouds.
  2. SkyRex is a physical simulation you will feel like you are in a forest of dinosaurs and they are chasing you from everywhere.
  3. SkyTrial is The adventure of moving in the forest between the long trees and the monkeys
  4. You will find the first outdoor 6D cinemotion
  5. The famous 3D art museum , the biggest in Malaysia with 10 zones (optical illusion zone, aquarium zone, safari zone, interactive zone 1, interactive zone 2, fantasy zone, classic zone, Main hall zone, Malaysia zone , 3D mapping)
  6. Enjoy visual  adventure with 3D technology enter to another world in your mind.
In order to enjoy every minute there you must be careful of:
  • Before you go you must check the official website to get the info needed for sky cab operation calendar please note that this calendar could be change anytime without prior notice ! may be for maintenance or for the bad weather you can contact them by phone before you go
  • Try to avoid public holidays as you will waste your time in  queues
  • The entrance to the sky bridge closed at 6:30 pm
  • Start your visit as early as you can
  • Start with sky cab (if it’s operating ) to avoid crowding at noon .
  • If you are in that place and you are informed that the cable car is closed suddenly due to the bad weather or maintenance return again after one or two hours and ask if it is reopen or not. 
  • Be careful no one will inform you that cable car will reopen again, the ticket office will inform you that the cable car is not working and that’s it . at this time you can and enjoy the other attractions at the same place. But notice that if you have a bad luck and you wait till the sky cab to re-open again you can take the express lane to save you time from the long queue but this will cost you another 50 RM .
  • Wear a shoes suitable for walking .
  • You will pay an extra money for the sky glide which will cost you 10 RM or you can use stairs for free and the entrance of the sky bridge will cost you another 5 RM so the total will be 15 RM you will pay them when you reach to the top (not within the admission).
  • You can pay online in advance but it is better to pay when you go there for many reason :

As I mentioned the sky cab calendar may change without notice .

The weather forecasting plays an important role  , you can make an advance reservation and pay money  to find a rainy or cloudy weather condition destroying you journey .

  • If the weather is cloudy don’t go up on the bridge , you will see nothing .
  • The weather from January till March is sunny , from April to August sometimes it rains , from September to October it is a rainy season there .
  • Before you decide to start your tourism program to langkawi you must check the weather forecasting for the  period you will stay .

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