Underwater World Langkawi

There are a huge amount and different types of underwater creation, you can see them at:

  • Preview Tank and River Ecosystem: those sections consist of fresh water fishes from the Amazon, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • Temperature Section and Sub-Antarctic section: the best part as you can see Penguins from near swimming and playing, you can feed them at the feeding time.
  • Hexagonal Tank: for the Black Tip Shark and White Tip Shark.
  • Tropical Rainforest: you can walk through and take some photos with a background of trees, small waterfall and walking around Shelduck, flamingoes and birds.
  • Invertable section, Coral Reef section, Venomous & Poisonous section: enormous amounts Lobsters, Knight Goby, Mudskippers, Clown Fish, Damsels and wrasse.
  • Tunnel tank :
  • A 15- meter long tunnel full of Giant Trevally, Olive Ridley Turtle, Giant Groupers.
  • There are hundreds of colorful fishes and many types of Jellyfish, huge Octopus and Spider Crabs.
  1. Underwater World Langkawi is near the Zone Duty Free shops so you can go early, finish your visit and go shopping.
  2. Feeding time : Times may change, so ask the info desk about the feeding time at your arrival
    1. African penguins: 11: 00 am and 02:45 pm
    2. Rockhopper penguins: 11:15 am and 03:00 pm
    3. Tunnel Tank: 03:00 pm
    4. Seals: 02:30 pm (Saturday – Thursday), 04:00 pm (Friday only)
  3. Family with kids will enjoy it.
  4. Make it a point to arrive early to beat the crowds.
  5. You can find station crew to assist you.
  6. There is a small fast food eatery Marry Brown restaurant near Underwater World Langkawi.
  7. At the exit, you will find a huge souvenir shop the best items are 3D marine glass plates, Coconut oil, rings made of mother pearl.
  8. Don’t waste your time and money for the Earthquake & typhoon pavilion!! Very poor.
  9. Underwater world langkawi don’t accept credit cards for below 50 RM.
  10. Sometimes you surprised by the close of many sections for renovation so ask about that issue before you start your visit.
  11. If you go my own or rent a car try to park in a nearby place as the park in Underwater World Langkawi is expensive compared to all parking area in Langkawi.

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